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Down South Beatdown CCCXXXVI

Starting in 2019 Bunker Hill Bloodbath is the brainchild of brothers Jesse and Cody Lail based out of Kernersville NC.

Developing through the pandemic the brothers dropped a demo in August 2021 and releasing the "Dead Leaves" EP in January 2022.

After the release Sean Whitener joined as the main vocalist for the band followed shortly by Christian Jenkins stepping in on bass guitar.

With the lineup set the band started playing shows in June 2022 and released their second EP "Far From The Tree" in November of that year.

The band has grown more aggressive with each release and the energy of their live shows more and more electric.

Dropping two more songs in the summer of 2023, "Shark Infested Waters" and "Mouth Of Hell" and  the single "Consume" in November 2023, the band continues to build the reputation for fast and hard hitting riffs, body moving grooves, and powerful vocals.

Be on the lookout for the next singles "Ritual Nightmares" and "Thieves" on all streaming platforms.


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